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2010. március 21., vasárnap

<a href="http://hotelsinus.bandcamp.com/album/street-racing-redline-ost">Main Theme feat. Antal Csilla by Hotelsinus</a>

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2009. szeptember 26., szombat

2009. augusztus 16., vasárnap

Earlie NintendoDS mockup, Groovebox DSi

Im seeking DS homebrew programmer to help me about this project!

2009. július 29., szerda

Roland Hardware Concept

Egy kedves barátom kérésére készültek ezek a konceptek. (Természetesen a Rolandnak)
A két hardware tulajdonságait az ő ötlete alapján jelenítettem meg.
De mivel nem valósultak meg igy bátran közzétehetem.

2009. július 27., hétfő

Hotelsinus Reese Bassline VSTi

  • Product description:

- Hotelsinus Reese Bassline is The Word's First Drum and Bass "Reese" and Dubstep Bass Instrument at the moment. And it's Free! This VSTi can reproduce the famous sounds of Legendary DnB Artist's Best. Bass Sounds. Now you can put it to your music for free and no need to RIP other artists Bassline samples.
- This instrument can create wide variety of sounds, like Hard Bass, Dark Background Atmosphere and ofcourse REESE!

  • Inside the instrument:

- Hard and Analogish Dual filtered Special Distortion Unit. - Three Parallel Filter. - One Phaser to create a real living instrument. - Stereo enhancer button, that's make the sound out of the box. - Final filter with switchable Lowpass or Highpass filter.

  • OS: Windows
  • Mac OSX: Later in this Year.
  • Format: Save as SynthEdit VST Instrument
  • Receptor Compatibility: Compatibility Unknown
  • Development Environment: SynthEdit Shareware Version
  • Copy Protection: None
  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.3.2
  • Short Knob Explanation:
  • Distortion: F1 is one LP filter and F2 is one HP filter in Parallel mode. Amount is only for the distortion level.
  • ThreeFilter: BP-HP-LP parallel filters, get the sound from the Distortion unit one by one.
    (mixed in same level and go thru in one hard limiter)
  • Filter Type : this is a Final Filter, NO resonance section


Original Idea: Laszlo Zizics (Fanta) Hotelsinus
Additional FrontPanel Artwork: Balazs Barta
Gui: Laszlo Zizics (Fanta)